• Supporting Research
    through visibility and engagement
Our mission

Research recognition

Our approach: Dissemination design

"Purposive dissemination, or designing for diffusion, means taking additional steps early in the process of creating an innovation to increase its chances of being noticed, positively perceived, adopted, adapted, and implemented."

J.W. Dearing, J.G. Cox, Diffusion of Innovations Theory, Principles and Practice

Tools for success

Contents engagement

We seek to transform innovation into contents that attracts interest, invites suggestions and advances research.

Context embedding

We develop context around scientific outputs and activities to highlight their value and to foster collaborations.

Distinction, nuance, clarity

We invest in clear and efficient presentation to reveal novelty and originality, to achieve acceptance and recognition.

Audience connection

We devise interactions and communication towards the audiences you intend to reach to create communities of interest.

Our experience

Client list

Our past and current clients include companies and start-ups, academic teams, project consortia and individual researchers.

Geographic coverage

We have implemented high-quality dissemination for research activities throughout the EU, in the UK, Switzerland and in the US.

Years of experience

Our services are based on over 30 years of experience in academic and corporate environments, at national and international level.

Sponsors of the projects/activities we supported

  • US Air Force Research Laboratory

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