Navigating from research propositions to funding

Combined challenges

Research funding = Innovation + Communication

Roles we have successfully fulfilled

Our support is anchored in direct experience

Grant applications

Well-above average success rates for the 40+ funding applications submitted for our own research

Research development

Over 7M EUR awarded to S&T projects based on the research of our team members

Project management

We are backed by the experience of managing large EU research consortia with 10+ partners

Start-up launches

We have launched and sucessfully supported start-up development and funding in the EU and the UK

Grant advising

50+ research consortia, academic teams, individual researchers, start-ups, non-profit organisations

Proposal reviewing

Over 20 years of experience in science and ethics reviewing of proposals worth over 400M EUR

We have supported applications and/or have been funded by them

Sample research funding agencies

Start-up support example


Currently part of the CivicPower association

Civic tech start-up: Creator of a mobile app and a web platform connecting citizens with members of the Assemblée Nationale to express opinions on legislative bills currently under debate.

Country: France

From prototype mobile app to widely used civic tech platform

Start-up created around prototype mobile app by Erik de Boisgrollier in 2020 under the name todayIvote.
The collaboration with Pragma Communication was initiated via overlapping projects.
In 2021 Pragma Communication advised and supported todayIvote in its incubator application process.
As a result, in Fall 2021 todayIvote became nosLois and was awarded one year incubator funding at Sciences Po Paris to further develop its civic tech app and to enhance its business strategy. The app reached over 100,000 enrolled users.
In 2022 nosLois reached over 250,000 users and merged with the CivicPower association. That year alone, over 2,000,000 citizens opinions on upcoming laws were conveyed to parliamentarians via the app.

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