Enhanced event management

Low overhead, high impact

Extending debates beyond borders

Maximising the benefit of external opinions

An opportunity to draw in new, valuable opinions and to share results

Online event extension

Rapid, easy upgrade to hybrid event set-up.

Audience diversification

Enhance feedback, disseminate wider.

Easy event management

Reliable registration and programme management.

Relating the event to a broader context

Augment on-line the event context to attract interest.

From our event support portfolio

Workshop on Satire and Democracy

October 14, 2022

Organised as part of the Satire and Democracy - a project funded through a "Joint Awards King's College - University of Paris" grant. Through the workshop the project succeeded in significantly increasing its audience internationally despite its limited resources.

Interest areas: Political science, literature, graphical arts

Enhanced event organisation capabilities

Conference room presence: 20 participants
On-line presence: 60 participants from Europe and the USA
Event advertised via professional mailing lists, social media and relevant sites.
Mixed in-presence/on-line presentations
Roundtables with in-room and on-line panelists and participants
Event registration and access managed entirely via workshop site (current registration interface downgraded after event).
Remote event management without physical presence requirements
Low-cost equipment overhead: External webcams combined with multicamera Zoom Rooms set-up remove the requirement for onsite video facilities. No need for the event host to own any software licenses or installations.
Enhanced project website provided a description of the work of the cartoonists discussed in the workshop.
Audience included, beyond the scholars directly involved in the project, researchers and academics from connected disciplines, graphical artists, students and members of the public at large.

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